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CH4 Climate Coalition

Circular Climate Solutions for a Sustainable Future


CH4 Climate Coalition

Our Vision

By adopting being in harmony with nature as our leading principle, we aim to create a more livable and fair world in economic, social, and environmental terms. We focus on implementing methane emission reduction projects which are most effective on climate change for the next 20 years, by closing the bio-circular loop from sustainable integrated waste management and climate-smart farming to fork action.

Verra / VCS & Gold Standard Projects 

Avoiding Methane Emissions

    * 50+ Projects 

    * 250+ MWe Installed Power Capacity

    * Avoiding 7.5+ Million tons of CO2 Emission per Year

    * Equivalent to 1.3+ Million Cars Taken off Traffic

Over 20 years of experience and proven track record in developing offsetting projects, CH4 Climate Coalition enables you to reduce your environmental footprint and maximize your contribution for tackling climate crisis.


What makes us Unique

In addition to providing technical consultancy and planning carbon compensation strategy, we value the social footprint of the projects. We increase your performance by measuring the social impact of emission reduction studies, renewable energy projects and the environmental focus. 

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