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What We Do

03. We help you monitoring Methane Emissions

There is an urgent need for a wide range of actions to accelerate methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation, climate adaptation and conservation. Barriers include high costs for methane leak detection, gaps in self-reported CO2 data for key emission sectors, incomplete observations of priority regions at scales relevant for decision making, and lack of data accessibility and transparency. Quantify emissions from landfills and dumpsites with GHGSat's unique satellite emissions monitoring service. Accurate, timely and persistent coverage - anywhere in the world - at lower cost than on-the-ground readings. Plan and optimize gas collection systems with actionable emissions intelligence.


We provide:

•        Persistently pinpoint, quantify and track strong methane and CO2 emissions at facility scale

•        Offer a rapid methane leak detection service to facility operators and regulators

•        Deliver independent data to help certify methane intensity for oil and gas supply chains

•        Increase global accessibility, transparency and understanding of methane and CO2 data

•        Work with key partners to advance new data-driven emission mitigation strategies

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