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What We Do

06. We create Added-Value to your Projects

Sustainability Performance Reporting

Sustainability reporting, which shows the environmental, economic, and social performance, ensures that the data are reviewed, and strategies and policies are determined multi-dimensionally. It presents the goals and approach of the organization in a benefit-oriented way, as it allows the management and stakeholders to review strategies by providing the opportunity to compare with past performances. In this context, we measure and integrate the environmental, social, and financial impacts that you have created with our reporting service.

Tutma Tesisi

SDG Strategy and Implications


United Nations member states have set goals to be achieved by the end of 2030 in order to protect our planet, eradicate poverty, and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity. These 17 goals are a global call to action. Each goal has an impact on a business’ operation and future strategies. In line with the SDGs, we determine the main focus targets of the projects, ensure the development of a plan based on this, and support our stakeholders in increasing the impact of their projects.

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