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What We Do

01. We Avoid Methane Emissions

Methane, a potent contributor to climate change!


Methane traps many times more heat than CO2.  Therefore, to reach a 1.5-degree target, curbing methane emissions is essential. Reducing methane emissions will play a critical role in counterbalancing emissions and stabilizing the environment. We help you to reduce methane emissions with authorized technologies at a feasible cost.

Landfill Gas

Landfill Yönetimi

Landfill gas contains 35% to 60% methane; thus, releasing this gas directly into the air due to untreated storage poses a significant threat to the environment. It is crucial to collect landfill gases and establish sanitary landfill facilities. With the engineering works carried out on the site, the landfill gas gets extracted with vertical and horizontal drainage piping systems. The gas is then converted into electrical energy by burning it in gas engines and is replacing fossil-fuel-based energy generation as a second benefit for climate conservation. Landfill gas-to-energy projects are a way to generate a steady supply of renewable energy with high climate impact.


Biogas contains methane and carbon dioxide abundantly. By anaerobic digestion organic wastes such as food, farm, sewage, grasses, and crop residues are safely disposed. By-products of the biogas production process, solid and liquid fermented products, can be used as a fertilizer to ensure productivity in agriculture.

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