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What We Do

04. We Help you become Carbon Neutral

Offset Your Emission

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The carbon pressure on each sector moves to protect nature and humanity, and it is important to act responsibly to have a green business. Verified emission reduction projects implication is a must to achieve net-zero emissions. Carbon offsetting plays a significant role in an effective strategy to achieve your organization’s ambitions. It is necessary to purchase the equivalent volume of carbon credits to offset your business’ carbon emissions. We assure you to choose the right project that suits your company to offset your carbon emissions.

Choose Projects

Carbon offsetting projects have the primary purpose of protecting the environment with the help of financing projects by pricing per offset unit carbon. There are many emission reduction/avoidance projects, such as increasing or restoring forest areas, distribution of cookstoves, recycling, composting, clean water sanitation, and clean energy resources. As CH4Climate Coalition, we bring you together with our project portfolio to save on carbon emissions. We provide consultancy services in planning your carbon offset processes by enabling you to purchase carbon credits from the project that fits your sustainability strategy. With our Social impact Event Marketing Concept, we further promote your Brand’s Engagement in specially designed Edutainment Modules. 

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Choose Certification

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We provide you with the purchase of certified carbon credits for your carbon offset transactions or the certification of your projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes to the renewable energy generation with the reporting of the studies carried out as part of the verification processes and the provision of carbon credits. For your carbon-neutral pledges, we provide certified carbon credits by offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions your organization has emitted directly or indirectly.

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