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  • Adrian Caduff

ECOICE: Beware it before melting!

EcoICE is an edutainment project using environment technologies developed by Glice from Switzerland. We aim to gain ecological awareness for kids having fun and learning how to recycle with the ECOICE Project. As well it is a symbol for melting polar and glaciers ice and a motivator for kids to be active physically and in climate action supporting separating waste at source.

ECOICE is trying to raise environmental awareness and showing the case of energy efficiency as an ecological choice. It is using its rink barriers for Ecological Leaders LOGO Advertisement. Sponsor fees include carbon credits to reduce their impact and contribute to renewable energy projects, local climate action plans, and social projects. ECOICE provides you to clean up the damage to the environment by taking CO2 credit or reducing the individual effect by adapting more sustainable lifestyle.

Get in contact to learn more about ECOICE and ECO2CEVAP projects provided by ECODUFF!

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